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Posted by Mark V ( on February 09, 2005 at 08:17:47:

In Reply to: HELP! I'm freakin' out! posted by The HEARSE DRIVER on February 08, 2005 at 17:36:37:

...the neutral safety switch needs adjusting or replacing. It's located under the dash on the steering column near the firewall. It's semi-circular in shape. It's got wires and vacuum hoses attached to it. It's attached to the column by a bracket with two screws. The bracket should have slots where the screws attach it to the column. Loosen the screws to move (or rotate) the switch to the left or the right. The easiest way to begin adjusting is to set the selector to reverse and rotate the switch till the back-up lights come on. Use common sense here, i.e., realize that as you rotate the switch, the lights will come on then go off. As you move the switch from left to right (or right to left depending on how you adjust), note where the lights go from "off" to "on" to "off" and position the switch in the center of the "on" area. Tighten the screws and test by starting the car in neutral and in park. If it doesn't start in neutral, adjust again using slight movements of the switch. Use the back-up lights as a rough guide from this point. In other words, if you've adjusted to where the lights don't come on, you've gone too far. Once it's adjusted to where your car starts in both neutral and park, check the parking brake in both positions. If it works, great, if not, back to adjusting. If all appears to work then the final test would be to see if it starts in reverse, drive or low. The main purpose of this switch is to prevent starting when in gear. So, perform this test last and with brake applied just in case. The starter shouldn't even engage when the car's in gear. If after adjusting you still don't achieve satisfactory results then you may need to replace the switch.

Hope this helps and good luck.
Mark V.

: Lily, my '70 Caddy-Superior, is givin' me trouble....weird, freaky, posessed-by-demons trouble!

: For a while now I've been unable to get my parkin' brake to engage when I put 'er in park. It'll only engage in neutral, then I can put 'er in park with the parkin' brake still on.

: Then my backup lights won't stay on in reverse. Oh sure, they'll flash when I put 'er in reverse but they won't stay on.

: Now (15 minutes ago when I got home) she wouldn't shut off! The ignition would turn to the correct postion an' I could remove the key, but she jus' kept on runnin'! I tried over an' over to shut 'er off but to no avail. I put 'er in gear over an' over an she finally shut off. I decided to tempt fate an' started her up an' she shut right off....thankfully!

: Now I'm askin: Has anyone any idea what the hell is goin' on? I'm a mechanical moron, but I'm teachable. I'm thinkin' all these problems are related, but I'm damned if I know how or what to do 'bout it. Not only do I not know what to do, but I don't know how to shut 'er off if she does it again!

: If any o' you gearheads an' wiz kids can help me out, it'd surely be appreciated!

: Thanx,

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