HELP! I'm freakin' out!

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Posted by The HEARSE DRIVER ( on February 08, 2005 at 17:36:37:

Lily, my '70 Caddy-Superior, is givin' me trouble....weird, freaky, posessed-by-demons trouble!

For a while now I've been unable to get my parkin' brake to engage when I put 'er in park. It'll only engage in neutral, then I can put 'er in park with the parkin' brake still on.

Then my backup lights won't stay on in reverse. Oh sure, they'll flash when I put 'er in reverse but they won't stay on.

Now (15 minutes ago when I got home) she wouldn't shut off! The ignition would turn to the correct postion an' I could remove the key, but she jus' kept on runnin'! I tried over an' over to shut 'er off but to no avail. I put 'er in gear over an' over an she finally shut off. I decided to tempt fate an' started her up an' she shut right off....thankfully!

Now I'm askin: Has anyone any idea what the hell is goin' on? I'm a mechanical moron, but I'm teachable. I'm thinkin' all these problems are related, but I'm damned if I know how or what to do 'bout it. Not only do I not know what to do, but I don't know how to shut 'er off if she does it again!

If any o' you gearheads an' wiz kids can help me out, it'd surely be appreciated!


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