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Posted by The HEARSE DRIVER ( on March 01, 2005 at 06:27:29:

In Reply to: Kustom Koaches posted by CW on February 28, 2005 at 23:21:53:

: Slayer,
: PCHC is proud to have two of the most kick ass Kustoms Coaches around in our fold.
: Bret Barris' (of Barris Kustoms fame) radical Gargoyle hearse that was once in the failed t.v. show Gargoyles.
: It's been chopped by metal master Dick Dean and has a killer paint job.
: The real kicker if that this sideloader still has a functioning table!
: A casket would never exit out the side but it's cool to see.

: The other coach in the club is a killer '90 Eureka Chevrolet Caprice commercial glass endloader.
: Nosed, narrowed, tucked bumpers, lowered suspension, Dubs, an all leather interior with Lincoln Navigator seats front and back, and a sick paint job.
: This thing is detailed down to the last bolt.
: And if that's not enough, it's got killer pro sound system that's ready for competition.

: And to be honest, I dig Fat Rat's rat style '77 collins conversion coach with primered, sanded paint and his fave black metal band logo on the back window. This car is a true expression of it's owner and proof that you don't have to follow the pack.

: This brings me to Art Cars. These are coaches that have become a huge canvas for artists to create on. Remember the cathedral coach?

: Most of the hearses I've seen people try to pass off as customs are just a bunch of retarded skulls they bought from a catalog.
: i.e. skull air valve caps, lock buttons, license frame, and that finishing touch the skull on the hood!! YAWN.
: This is refered to as driving through Pep Boys with a magnet.

: Don't get me going about slapping stickers all over a coach.
: And how can we forget that coach with giant fins and a bat with open wings for a sunvisor.
: Some of these cars your just waiting for the clowns or shriners to jump out of.
: Spider webs, skulls and bats are cliche'.

: A cool paint job goes a long way.
: Rims make a statement as does a nice interior.
: For example, Otis Jackson's Mean Green.
: This is one of the most tasteful mild custom coaches out there and is one of my fave harses in the club.

: Giving a coach a tasteful change will last long after the slapped together cars are in the junk yard.

: I'm mostly a stock, original guy when it comes to coaches.
: I find that an old stock coach looks far more creepy in most people's eyes.
: Just drive a stock hearse through a mobile home park and see how your car can frighten all the old people.
: I parked my coach in front of my friends house last week and they were slammed with calls from concerned neighbors who thought something terrible had happened.

: Bottom line,
: It's your coach have fun with it, express yourself and screw what anyone thinks.

: To find pics of the coaches mentioned check out and phantom coaches' photo gallery's.

: C-Dub

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