It takes more than just money

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Posted by CW ( on September 24, 2004 at 01:04:53:

In Reply to: Opinions on buying a 1959 Cadillac hearse posted by Mark V. on September 23, 2004 at 07:40:58:

People have become more cut throat about getting '59 as we've all seen in the past.

Having friends to be your eyes and ears will get you further the looking all by yourself so long as they only tell you.
Timing and luck is also a big factor.
Desire, passion and willingness to do whatever it takes to get that '59 in your garage.

Climbing Mount Everest, winning the lottery or the tour de france seems easier.

Ready cash is a must.
As we've seen of ebay. Most people can't put there money where their mouth is.

And should you find the hearse of your dreams keep your mouth shut and don't even tell anyone about it or it's location till the deal is sealed.

And speaking of those barn finds of any type requires willingness to drive or fly hundreds or thousands or miles with a shovel to dig the caor out of the mud, rims with tires that hold air and a jack to get it on the trailer, paying someone to to haul or ship the vehicle to your home or resto shop.
I'm yet to meet anyone who found a cheap turn key '59 down the street.

Some of our members have owned more than one '59
and have been willing to part with them.
Of those cars most went out of state or out of the country to those willing to pay the price.
And as was mentioned earlier, Buying a "restorable" '59 for 10 to 15 thousand doesn't include the cost of a correct restoration that can dwarf the cost of the actual car.

5 years ago $7,500 could have bought you a drivable '59-'60 now we're talking $20,000.
Maybe like '59 ragtops cadillacs that got as high as $100,000 in the late '80's and than fell to half the price we can hope that will happen with pro cars but I doubt it.

As Mark stated, Demand will always be higher than supply in the '59 procar game.
Some are willing to loose their houses before parting with a '59.

I'm not trying to shatter dreams as this is a big dream for many. Those willing to sacrifice and work hard can very well make those dreams come true.

I for one am not willing to morgage my house for a '59 or any car for that matter.
I'm perfectly happy with a '70's coach that costs me a couple thousand bucks that I can drive anywhere.

The average schmuck on the streets can see a '70's ambulance with a ghost in a circle slash on the door and scream ghost busters!
I drove a '74 plymouth duster that was red with a white top and a week wouldn't pass without some idiot screaming Starsky and Hutch!
That car was a ford torino.
My '53 chevy truck? Sandford and Son!
That was a '50 ford.

Recently some idiot tried to make a ghost busters clone out of a Superior Landau Hearse and really screwed things up. Cutting out the landau panel to install a window to make it look like a M-M duplex combo.

It didn't work and the car was ruined in my opinion but that guy is happpier than a pig in poop.
Who's right?
He is. It's his car and his money.

Hmmm, perhaps I can paint my truck red and stencil Sandford and Son on it and fool 99% of the people just like that loser overseas who's passing off his '60 superior as the hearse used in M. Monroe's funeral when we all know that it was a '62 Eureka Landau 3-way, black with a crinkle top.

My point is that only obsessive nerds like us will sweat every detail and go through hell and high water to get what we really want, "that coach".

We know the year, make and model of those procars in those movies just like those trekies who know the correct fabric, color and stitch to make those fetching outfits to wear at the next star trek convention.

Happy Hunting.

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