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53 pontiac hearse need help need info

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Posted 30 November 2011 - 07:43 PM

i own a 1953 pontiac hearse and am having a hard time finding information on this car, such as, and most importantly, which coach company built this car. i have found several, but have found no way to link any one to my car. i'm hoping to be able to use the vin and cross that with records from the builders. also did they identify their cars with a body tag and if so where were they located on the car. my cars interior was destroyed so i pulled it all out and threw it away. i am frantically trying to find this info because the car is for sale, and i know Acme coach co had a very limited production run with these cars. my hopes are that it is one of just a few, and i can ask more for the car. plus any and all documentaion will help in the process. the vin on the A pillar is P8XS6510, and the body number is 681. any info will help. thanks

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Posted 01 December 2011 - 06:52 AM


Two things;

1) I moved your topic to Newcomer introductions. We would very much enjoy hearing more about you.

2) The body on the vehicle pictured was manufactured by National.

Allow me to share some wisdom. Rare doesn't automatically translate to valuable. Real value is driven market demand and what the market can accommodate, in other words, whatever the market can support or whatever a buyer is willing to spend. For instance, let's look at a 1965 Cadillac convertable compared to a 1965 S&S hearse. In any given year, Cadillac produced about 2100 commercial chassis, from whence were made coaches by MM, Superior and S&S. Once you do the math, there were about 500 S&S hearses made in 1965 compared to thousands of convertibles in that same year. Look at any issue of Hemmings and you'll see convertibles are consistently priced much higher than hearses. Why? Hearses are much more rare, right? On top of that, each hearse was built to order which makes each one of them unique. With that much rarity and uniqueness, why aren't they priced higher than their convertible counter parts? The answer, market demand. The market has spoken and said that hearses are less valuable than convertibles in the same condition despite convertibles being far more plentiful than hearses.

Just some things to think about when assessing the value of your coach to determine a selling price.
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